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Clintonville Counseling & Wellness is a collective of individuals dedicated to holistic, inclusive, and ever-evolving approaches in the mental health space. We are a practice that welcomes clients from all backgrounds, identities, expressions, and spiritualities. We respect the right to bodily autonomy and recognize clients are the experts on themselves and their identities.

We recognize and seek to address an outstanding need to intentionally serve marginalized communities, recognizing, but not limited to: people of color, native and indigenous peoples, the LGBTQIA2S+ community, and those whose various marginalized identities intersect. 

We hope to do this through actively and constantly identifying and dismantling racist and white supremacist structures and biases within our practice, community, and the mental health field. We commit to challenging norms, acknowledging and addressing faults when they occur, and openly communicating our progress and our challenges as we grow in this imperative work.

We acknowledge our imperfections as a predominantly white organization and are willing to continually educate ourselves and make changes as needed. We welcome feedback from our clients, staff, and the community in service of learning, accountability, and growth for us all. Anti-racism work is a process, not a destination.

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