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Continuing Education

At the Affirmative Care Academy, we are passionate about continuing education and learning from each other. We have many opportunities for CEs that cater to a multitude of schedules and needs. These continuing education programs offer CEs for counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and nurses. Check back regularly as our team constantly works to offer new and varied workshops.

Click here for our Continuing Education opportunities.


We believe that skilled, compassionate supervision is critical to any developing clinician. While using a collaborative approach, we aim to provide a community where we can grow and better our professional selves, by working together to seek a higher level of education and understanding in our field. We are immediately available for supervision/consultation for counselors, social workers and those who are seeking EMDR consultation.

Click here for counselor supervision. 
Click here for social worker supervision.
Click here for EMDR consultation.

LGBTQ Clinical Consultation

The Affirmative Care Academy is now offering individual and group LGBTQ consultation for clinicians. Jess Homan, LISW-S (She/Her/Hers) specializes in LGBTQ care and has developed extensive LGBTQ education programs for mental health and medical providers at all levels of competency. Jess understand the importance of having a foundational understanding of sex assigned at birth, gender expression, gender identity, and attraction.  She believes in creating a safe space for dialogue and encourages any and all questions from consultation participants. Group consultation will be offered monthly and will be kept small. Individual consultation will be available on an as needed basis.


Click here if you would like more information about consultation.

Business Diversity Training

In addition to our regularly offered continuing education, we offer personalized trainings for businesses and organizations. The Affirmative Care Academy specializes in diversity, equity, and inclusion policy trainings and programming with a particular focus on LGBTQ+ issues. We are able to customize one of our existing trainings, or create something totally new for you. These offerings can range from 1-6 hours depending on your unique needs. 


Click here if you would like more information about our business and organization trainings.

Mailing List

Keeping up with community events and CEs can be difficult with everything we have to juggle as helping professionals. Would you like to be kept up to date with everything the Affirmative Care Academy has to offer? We can keep you in the loop!

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