Creating Connection: A Relationship Workshop


This is a psychoeducation group meant to provide information, tools, and techniques to help partners communicate more effectively, resolve conflicts, and build closeness and security in their relationships. The information we present is rooted in emotion-focused relationship counseling, which is an attachment-based theory. This means we will help you understand how past experiences influence your current relationship and develop skills to move toward a more secure connection. During group sessions, presenters will discuss topics with the group and then give time for partners to reflect through journal prompts, discuss as a group, and practice privately with role play.

Group meetings will be two hours in duration. There will be six sessions, held weekly for six consecutive weeks. The group will consist of five to six couples.


The two group facilitators are Chell Cooke, LPCC and April Cunningham, LPCC-S

The cost per session is $80 per partnership or $40 per individual.

If you are interested in taking part in this group, please click here to complete the intake form.

Trans and Gender Expansive “Stitch and Bitch” Social Group


Calling all Trans and Gender Expansive crafters! This is a group of people gathering (virtually for now) for community and conversation. We provide an online room for people to participate in all types of crafting activities, including but not limited to: crochet, knitting, coloring, painting, stitching, scrap booking, while connecting to members of the Trans and Gender Expansive community. This group is hosted by Alexis Burrow LPCC-S, but is not considered a therapy group. The identified host will encourage sharing from members in a virtual round table but discussion is not required. Individuals have complete freedom to show up late, leave early, bring dinner, leave their cameras off, or even skip sharing. 

The group will meet the first Tuesday of the Month from 6:00pm-8:00pm

The only requirement for the group is to meet with the host individually before receiving the link for the virtual gathering.

If interested please click here to give us your information and the host will contact you to set up a quick meeting.

Queering Spirituality: A Spiritual Support Group for Queer and Queer Leaning Folx


The purpose of this group is to bring together members of the LGBTQIAA+ community interested in learning about and connecting to their personal senses of spirituality and/or religion. This is a space for each group member to explore their own personal relationship with their spirituality and/or a higher power and find connection with other spiritual LGBTQIAA+ folx.

The facilitators for this group are Jacqui Hoke and Bowen Marshall. Please click on their names for their bios.

For more information about this support group, please click here.

To fill out an interest form, please click here.