Poly 101: An Introduction to Consensual Non-Monogamy

Presented by Kira Hayes, MFT
3 CEs- Meets Ethics Requirements

This training will introduce mental health professionals to the basic types and structures of Consensual Non-Monogamous (CNM) relationships and increase awareness of common vocabulary use, individual and relational challenges, and minority stressors. Other various clinical issues related to CNM, such as creating relationship agreements, navigating conflict, ways to develop and maintain healthy ethical relationships, and more will be outlined. As a 101 level training, this is by no means all inclusive, and is designed as an introduction to this topic to assist clinicians in identifying areas where they may need further training to provide a knowledgeable and affirming space for CNM clients.

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All Bodies Are Good Bodies: Addressing Fatphobia in the LGBTQ+ Community

Presented By Luca Mendlein, LISW

2 CEs- Meets ethics requirements

This webinar will provide information about the effects of fatphobia and diet culture on members of the LGBTQ+ community, specifically exploring connections between fatphobia, dysphoria, and eating disorders. The webinar will offer mental health clinicians methods of examining internalized fatphobia and addressing these issues with clients, with a focus on making the therapeutic environment safer and more accessible for fat clients.

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Utilizing the Body, Breath and Mindfulness in Telehealth Counseling

Presented By Abbey Carter Logan, LPCC-S

1 CE

Are you sick of staring at the screen with your clients and burning out your eyes and spirit? This training will cover some creative ways to soothe your clients anxiety, depression and other mental and emotional concerns via telehealth counseling. Experiential techniques will be taught and practiced to offer you some respite from the chair and challenges of providing counseling over a screen. Take the hour to move, breath and relax with me while learning ways to provide these creative techniques to enhance your clinical work on the screen.

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Expressive Arts with Fandom Characters

Presented by Alexis Rae Burrow, LPCC-S

3 CEs

We will establish a list with descriptions of how fandom characters can represent our personalities, traumas, choices, relationships, and/or inner dialogues. Participants will leave the session with a creative representation of their own internal struggles, inspiration to utilize new coping skills, as well as the ability to use fictional characters as a therapeutic intervention. We will be specific exploring how this intervention could be used alongside Internal Family Systems.​

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