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Katie Penrod, SWT

Katie Penrod, SWT (She/Her/Hers) is a cisgender, white, able-bodied woman.  She is a social work intern at CCW and is thrilled to be using her generalist training in practice.  Katie enjoys working with clients from many backgrounds and identities.  Some of her interests in social work include anxiety and panic disorders, depressive disorders, family issues, end of life issues, PTSD, working with individuals with disabilities, and with victims of abuse, assault, and trauma.  Katie hopes to create an affirming, authentic space for clients and is committed to learning from each person she comes into conversation with.  Her approach to therapy is growing as she moves through her Master of Social Work program, but she hopes to tailor care to each individual’s needs, using a variety of skills and interventions, considering the totality of a person’s environment and experiences.  She aims to root her practice in social justice and strengths-based care.


Kaite received her Bachelor of Arts degrees in Communication Studies and Spanish from the University of Michigan in 2018.  After graduation, she worked in the community relations and foundation space in Detroit, looking to create more equitable experiences for students and families in the area.  In doing this work, Katie witnessed how social workers could collaborate with individuals to create change in their lives and for communities, by listening to their lived experiences and empowering them.  To blend her passion for addressing inequity with her desire to work more closely with individuals in a therapeutic space, she decided to shift her career path to social work and made the move from Michigan to Ohio.  She is now a Master’s in Social Work student at The Ohio State University pursuing her licensure as a licensed social worker.

Social Work Trainee License #: #S.2202761-TRNE

Supervised by Kelsey Wegener LISW-S (I.2002496-SUPV)

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