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Kurstie Bevelhymer-Rangel, LSW

Kurstie Bevelhymer-Rangel, MSW, LSW (she/her/hers) is a mixed-race Indigenous Mexican, who is queer, cisgender, mid-size, and possesses white privilege. She is passionate about providing inclusive and culturally appropriate care to all humans, with a focus in serving humans in the LBGTQIA2S+, Latine, and Indigenous communities. Her clinical areas of focus include trauma, anxiety, substance use, neurospiciness, identity exploration, and body image. 

Kurstie strives to foster a therapeutic space where clients know and understand they are the expert on themselves and she tailors each client’s therapeutic interventions to meet their individual needs, bridging the gap between ancestral knowledge and theoretical practices. In session, you will find her drinking tea, using a fidget resource, and offering a therapeutic style that is trauma-informed, decolonized, inquisitive, direct, and compassionately challenging when appropriate.

Kurstie received her Bachelor of Arts with Research Distinction in Psychology and her Masters in Social Work from The Ohio State University. She began her career as a trauma social worker at Grant Medical Center where she worked with Victims of Crime and humans who were actively in crisis and experiencing mental health and substance use-related issues. As she transitioned out of that role, she began working with humans in individual therapy and developing her specialties and areas of focus. Kurstie has spent the last few years incorporating her own lived experience and expanding her research and knowledge base to provide education and training on Latine culture, Indigeneity, and intersections of queer and Indigenous identities. She continues to enjoy providing education and training on the aforementioned topics, as well as on self-care and rest from decolonized, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, and intersectional framework and perspective. 

Outside of work you can find Kurstie in nature, reading, playing video games, tending to her plant babies, and trying out local restaurants.

Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage & Family Therapist Board License #: S.1904118

Supervised by Elijah Johnson LISW-S (I.2002507-SUPV)

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