Gender Expression in the Transgender/Gender Nonconforming (TGNC) Population

Presented By Jessica Homan, LISW-S

Wednesday, December 2nd 12:00pm-1:00pm

1 CE- Meets ethics requirements

This training aims to explore the multitude of ways in which people express their gender. Participants should leave this course with a good understanding of the difference between gender and expression. We will cover many types of gender presentation, including prosthetic items, clothing, body hair, body language, voice, and others.

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Self-Care for Helping Professionals

Presented By Kurstie Bevelhymer-Rangel, LSW

Wednesday, January 6th 12:00pm-1:00pm

1 CE


This training will provide education surrounding the topic of self-care for helping professionals. It will provide a new definition of self-care and present information that breaks down the structure of various aspects related to self-care. Through examining societal ideologies and assumptions of self-care, this training will break down numerous barriers to self-care that are common amongst helping professionals. It will reframe what self-care looks like as well as present information that aids helping professionals in making self-care an attainable and valuable tool for everyday life. In addition this training will aid in coping with vicarious/secondary trauma and compassion fatigue as well as utilizing self-care as a preventative tool against burnout.

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Trauma and the Brain

Presented By Alexis Rae Burrow, LPCC-S

Wednesday, February 3rd 12:00pm-1:00pm

1 CE


This webinar is designed to be an introduction to neurobiology of trauma. It will present specific brain structures and biological responses associated with stress, trauma and anxiety. During this webinar we will discuss what happens to brain chemicals during a traumatic response beyond the terms “fight, flight or freeze.” Participants will have an opportunity to brainstorm and leave with an ability to discuss these biological responses with their clients.

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