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Clintonville Counseling & Wellness provides comprehensive assessments for people who may need formal documentation of an Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and accompanying accommodations and/or treatment recommendations. Please note, not everyone needs a full assessment and our Assessment Coordinator will help you determine if there are more accessible, less time consuming, and more cost-effective options for getting your needs met.  We are currently only providing assessment services for persons 18 and older.  Here is what to expect from the assessment process:

Time Commitment

Our assessment process consists of one 10-15 minute phone screening followed by three 60 minute sessions.  


Screening Phone Call- 10 to 15 minutes

Once you complete the assessment inquiry form below, a CCW clinician will call you for a 10-15 minute complimentary screening to determine if our program is the best fit for your needs. If it is determined that a CCW assessment would be appropriate, we will schedule you for your first assessment appointment with Julie Hazel (they/she), our Assessment Coordinator, and send you the necessary paperwork to complete before your first appointment.


Appointment #1- 60 minutes in person

Julie will complete an interview to obtain information about your history, symptoms, and current functioning. 


Appointment #2- 60 minutes in person

You will complete several assessment measures (written, on the computer, and verbal) and Julie will gather any additional information that she may need to finish the evaluation.


Appointment #3- 60 minutes in person or virtual

You and Julie will review your completed assessment report, including recommendations and/or accommodations, and you will receive a copy of the final evaluation.

Financial Commitment

CCW does not bill insurance for AD/HD assessments.  Many insurance plans do not cover the service and we have determined that it is more efficient and cost effective for our clients to charge a flat fee for services. 


The total cost for the evaluation and final report is $800. Once you complete your initial screening call, we will collect a $100 nonrefundable deposit to secure your first 60 minute assessment appointment.  Please note, the fees will need to be paid in full in order to release your final report. The payment schedule is as follows:


$100 nonrefundable deposit is charged to secure your first appointment

$300 due at first appointment

$400 due at final appointment to release report


If you have active Medicaid and are a current CCW client (you have been seen within the last 30 days), you will receive a reduction in cost and the total cost is reduced to $460.  The payment schedule is as follows:


$100 nonrefundable deposit is charged to secure your first appointment

$120 due at first appointment

$120 due at second appointment

$120 due at final appointment to release report

AD/HD Assessment Inquiry Form

If you would like to move forward with scheduling a screening phone call, please complete the AD/HD Assessment Inquiry Form, and a CCW clinician will reach out to you within five business days to schedule your screening. 

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