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Clintonville Counseling & Wellness provides counseling for individuals, relationships, and families of all kinds.  Your first appointment will be used as an assessment session in which we will review your completed intake paperwork, assess fit for one another, and begin to formulate a basic individualized treatment plan. Your therapist may utilize a variety of techniques to meet your specific goals throughout the course of treatment and the counseling process is collaborative. 

Groups are a small gathering of individuals with similar challenges or goals who come together to discuss and explore their emotions, thoughts, and experiences. We run group psychotherapy as well as social groups, both led by therapists who guide the sessions and provide support. 

Gender Affirming Letters
Clintonville Counseling & Wellness believes in the autonomy of humans to make their own informed decisions about their medical care and their bodies.  As such, we provide assessments/letters to assist in accessing gender affirming medical care at no charge to you. 

Supervision and Consultation
We believe that skilled, collaborative, and compassionate supervision and consultation is a vital aspect of professional development and ongoing learning for therapists. Our clinicians are immediately available for supervision for counselors, social workers, and those who are seeking LGBTQ+ specific and Gender Affirming Care/ WPATH consultation.

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