April Cunningham, MA, LPCC-S, CWC

                                     April Cunningham, MA, LPCC-S, CWC (she/her/hers) believes "The purpose of psychotherapy

                                     is to set people free" (Rollo May, 1981). She believes in the potential for growth is inherent in

                                     the human condition. She received her BA in Psychology and an MA in Clinical Mental Health

                                     Counseling, both from The Ohio State University. Additionally April is a Certified Wellness

                                     Counselor, a trained Hypnotherapist and has sought training in mindfulness/meditation,

                                     nutrition, Emotional Freedom Technique, as well as other mind-body approaches. Her approach

                                     is integrative and holistic in nature, and applies existential, feminist, narrative and queer

                                     theories. She believes that anxiety and depression are symptoms of deeper issues: the lack of understanding of who we are, and the adherence to the "stories" others have given us about ourselves. If we have knowledge about who we really are and what is meaningful to us, we are free to define happiness for ourselves and take concrete steps to achieving it. April has worked as a generalist clinician, but specializes in anxiety, depression, wellness counseling, trauma, LGBTQ+ clients, and couples counseling.