Psychopharmacology: Treating Depression and Anxiety Disorders

Presented by Dr. Katharine Frissora, DNP, PMHNP-BC
2 CEs

This webinar will provide an overview of the etiology and treatment of the depressive and anxiety disorders and describe the psychopharmacology and pharmacokinetics of medications. The clinical relevance of pharmacotherapy for anxiety and depressive disorders will be discussed in addition to other non-pharmacological treatments and emerging therapies.

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Integrating Intersectionality into Your Professional Practice: Introduction to Intersectionality

Presented by Bowen Marshall, LPC
1 CE

In this webinar, participants will review and discuss the history and creation of the concept of intersectionality, the role it plays in mental health care, and the ways in which they can understand their own identities through an intersectional lens.

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Queer Indigenous Communities: An introduction

Presented By Kurstie Bevelhymer-Rangel, LSW

1 CE- Meets Ethics Requirements

This training will aim to provide education on Indigenous Queer identities within the tribes native to what is now known as the United States. It will cover a brief history of how Indigenous people, communities, and tribes view LGB+, Trans, and Two-Spirit (2S) folx. This training will also provide a brief introduction for best practices when working with Queer Indigenous folx. 

Native/Indigenous people have been colonized since the formation of what is now considered The United States of America. Due to forced cultural assimilation, many Native/Indigenous communities lost their identities and are victims to political, economic, and cultural structures prominent in the US that contribute to a rise in health-related problems, including mental health illnesses. To combat this, it is imperative to address the inequality and discrimination faced by Native/Indigenous people as this has been shown to be more effective than the standardized societal focus and emphasis on medication and traditional western therapy.

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Clinical Work with Kinky Clients

Presented by Meg Jeske, LPC and Heather Sexton, LPC
2 CEs- Meets Ethics Requirements

Through this webinar, participants will learn about how to effectively work with clients who engage in BDSM or kink. Participants will discover ways to expand the exploration clients are already doing around power exchange, sexuality, and communication in their kinky lives in their therapy work. Attendees will also gain basic familiarity with BDSM and kink in order to meet clients where they’re at.

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