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Jess Homan, LISW-S

Jess Homan, MSW, LISW-S (She/Her/Hers)  is a bisexual, cisgender, mid-sized, neurodivergent, white woman. She has a BA in Sociology (2007) from Bowling Green State University and a Masters in Social Work (2013) from The Ohio State University. Most of her social work career has been dedicated to serving LGBTQ+ Veterans with the Veterans Health Administration. She was the LGBTQ Veteran Care Coordinator Lead for the VAs in 3 states and developed an LGBTQ+ education program that was spread to 15 VAs, nationwide. Jess has presented at international and national conferences on LGBTQ+ issues and is currently the Education Coordinator for Clintonville Counseling and Wellness.

Jess’ therapeutic and supervisory style begins with connection and curiosity. She integrates trauma-informed care, mindfulness-based interventions, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Cognitive Processing Therapy into her practice. She uses a holistic approach and believes individuals are the experts on themselves. She finds creative ways to help clients grow. Jess specializes in working with LGBTQ+ individuals, with a particular focus on serving trans/gender expansive communities and neurodivergent folks. Shame and vulnerability often come up in practice and she firmly believes “courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” (Brené Brown) Jess values the importance of intersectional identities and acknowledges systemic oppression and generational trauma as largely impactful to our health and wellness. She aims to be a compassionate and inclusive supervisor who values individual growth and well-being while incorporating evidence-based practices and creative approaches to support her supervisees' professional development.

In her free time, Jess enjoys live music, cooking, collecting books she intends to read, taking naps, being outside, laughing, spending time with her people, participating in The Harmony Project, as well as snuggling with her dog and two cats. For those interested (you know who you are) - she is an Aries sun and Pisces moon, Enneagram 2w3, and Myers-Briggs ENFP.

Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage & Family Therapist Board License #: I.1501274-SUPV

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