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Julie Hazel, LPCC-S

Julie Hazel, MA, LPCC-S (they/she) is a queer, feminine presenting, non-binary, mid-size, mixed raced Korean American deeply committed to dismantling systems of inequality and fostering a space of genuine acceptance.

Julie's practice is fueled by a dedication to uplifting marginalized communities. They have a strong affinity for supporting BIPOC, queer, and trans clients, acknowledging the unique struggles they face. Julie's approach is rooted in feminist and multicultural theories focusing on the impact of bias, oppression, and discrimination on mental health. Their work with folks of racial, ethnic, and gender minorities often engages and confronts trauma and conflict rooted in the long-lasting effects of colonization and white supremacy. Julie believes that the approach for these and all clients must be mindful and intentional to appropriately treat the diverse populations represented in each community.
Guided by the belief that every individual's journey is a unique story, Julie approaches counseling with intention and mindfulness. Their aim is to tailor support to the specific needs of each client, irrespective of their background. Within this counseling space, clients are encouraged to navigate challenges, embrace their identity, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Beyond clinical work, Julie also offers a range of support services to collaborative colleagues in the field. As a supervisor, they value open communication and growth-seeking as they aid trainees in finding a therapeutic style that is authentic and mindful of their background and identities. Julie also offers consultation in gender-affirming care, ADHD treatment and diagnosis, and decolonization of mental health practices.

Julie's academic path includes a bachelor's degree in psychology and a Master's in Counselor Education from The Ohio State University and is certified as an ADHD Clinical Services Provider(ADHD CCSP). Rooted in Columbus for over a decade, they are intricately intertwined with the local community. Beyond their role as a clinical counselor, Julie actively engages as the Anti-Racism Committee Coordinator and contributes to the leadership team at CCW.

Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage & Family Therapist Board License #: E.2102464-SUPV

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