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Supervision for LPC/LSW Licensees
Clinical supervision for therapists is an essential component of professional development and ensuring the provision of high-quality mental health services. It involves a collaborative relationship between an experienced and qualified supervisor and an LSW or LPC licensed therapist. The purpose of clinical supervision is to enhance the therapist's skills, knowledge, and self-awareness while promoting the well-being and safety of clients. We provide supervision that meets the requirements for independent licensure in the state Ohio. We have several Social Work and Counseling Supervisors who are available for ongoing supervision.  Please click here to request supervision.

General Clinical Consultation
Clinical consultation plays a crucial role in the professional development of therapists. It offers expert guidance, enhances therapeutic skills, facilitates ethical decision-making, provides emotional support, assists in case conceptualization, and promotes professional accountability. By actively seeking consultation, therapists can continuously improve their clinical practice and, ultimately, deliver better outcomes for their clients.

LGBTQIA2S+ Specific Consultation (including WPATH and Gender Affirming Letter Writing)
Clintonville Counseling and Wellness provides consultation regarding a variety of LGBTQIA2S+ specific clinical issues, including guidance with the WPATH Standards of Care and gender affirming letter writing. 

Group Practice/Private Practice Owner Consultation
Opening a private practice is a process. Therapists are not taught to be business owners in graduate school. In the seven plus years of experience of running a culturally humble, team based, thriving practice, we have gained a wealth of knowledge that can help maintain and grow your business. The owners of Clintonville Counseling and Wellness are available for consultation regarding setting up, owning, and operating a group/private practice. 

All supervision and consultation is $120 an hour.

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