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­Tiffany Shields, CT (She/Her/Hers) is an autistic, cisgender, white, straight-sized, bisexual woman married in an age-gap relationship. She is eager to work with clients from diverse backgrounds on their unique challenges. Her counseling interests focus on neurodiversity, specifically late-identified autism/ADHD. She is also interested in issues relating to trauma, depression, anxiety, and holistic wellness. Tiffany hopes to create a safe space in the therapeutic relationship in which clients can feel heard, understood, and accepted. Her approach to therapy integrates aspects of feminism and trauma-informed approaches with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and wellness counseling. As she continues in her training and gains experience in the areas of social justice and advocacy, her approach will grow to encompass additional modalities. Fundamentally, her goals are to help clients heal and grow in their identities in ways that allow them to live authentically.


Tiffany received her Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Capital University in Columbus, OH. After graduating, she worked as an Analytical Chemist doing research and development for a pharmaceutical company. During her third year of employment, she was identified as and formally diagnosed with autism. A period of self-reflection and burnout encouraged her to find a different career path and so she decided to pursue her love for mental health. With a newfound passion and empathy for the unique, yet often shared experiences and traumas of late-identified autistic adults, Tiffany enrolled in a graduate program for mental health counseling at Capital University. She strives to combine her empathy and her drive for advocacy to create change in the social perceptions of autism and to encourage more acceptance and social justice for this amazing, yet underserved population. 

Counselor Trainee License #: C.2304661-TRNE

Supervised by Julie Hazel LPCC-S (E.2102464-SUPV)

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