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Getting Started

Once you request an appointmentyou will receive an email confirmation that you have been added to our waitlist. Once an opening becomes available you will hear from our Client Care Coordinator, who will offer you an appointment.  You will then receive a link to complete your packet of intake documents prior to your first appointment.  Those documents are stored in our HIPAA compliant electronic health records system, Simple Practice, and must be completed within 48 hours of your first appointment or the appointment will be canceled/rescheduled. Additionally, our Client Care Coordinator will provide a courtesy call to your insurance to inquire about your benefits. However, it is your responsibility to understand your mental health benefits and pay required copays/coinsurance at the time of service. 

Your First Session

Your first session will be an assessment appointment and will last between 45-55 minutes.  Your clinician will ask you a variety of questions in order to assess your current situation, mental health, and personal history.  If you have never been to therapy before, this can feel a little invasive, so clinicians will focus on getting to know you and building a relationship with them so you can go at a pace that meets you where you are.  


Your second appointment will be much like the first so that you and your clinician can get clear about what concerns you are addressing.  Then the work begins.  We recommend that you give therapy a three session try before deciding if you have the right fit or not.  Therapy works best if there is a good fit between clinician and client, so check in with yourself and your clinician at the end of session three to decide if this will work for you right now. All follow up appointments after your first session will be scheduled with your clinician directly.

Therapy often feels worse before things feel better. If you have concerns about the process, you can always talk with your clinician and work together to address them.  Therapy can also be a beautiful experience that helps you grow into yourself and your own authenticity, while addressing your mental health concerns. 

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